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[22 Aug 2011|02:35am]

Hi everyone! I was wondering if you could all do me a HUGE favor! I entered Nick's remix contest and I'm getting close to the top but it's getting really hard to move higher than 9th place and I want to get as high as possible to make my chances better. It's really easy to vote!

1. go to http://www.indabamusic.com/opportunities/nick-carter-not-the-other-guy-remix-opportunity/submissions/65426

2. click vote, and then put your e-mail address into the box and click vote again

3. check your e-mail (if you don't see it in your inbox, check the spam folder) - it will be from Indaba music

4. click the verification link in the e-mail

5. the page will load and show that you voted and that's it!

Thank you SO much to everyone who does this. You can only vote once (or if you clear your history and have a different e-mail address you can vote more than once but not with the same e-mail address). Voting ends Thursday so PLEASE help me out! <3
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Nick Carter [01 Feb 2009|01:46pm]

follow the white rabbit ... to see the Nick Carter Picspam

white rabbit

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icons~ [25 Nov 2007|11:09am]

15】 prince of tennis
12】 fruits basket
10】 beyblade
10】 hikaru no go
10】 dn angel
8】 ouran high school host club
7】 pokemon
6】 naruto
6】 nick & aaron carter
5】 shaman king
4】 nodame cantabile live action
7】 others (bleach, teen titans,
cardcaptor sakura, gundam seed)

100】 total

(brother my brother.)
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[01 Jul 2007|07:56pm]

[01-32] Gilmore Girls *Season 5 Rory&Logan*
[33-47] Nick Carter
[48-64] Mischa Barton


all icons here...
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Fast Glass - Bigger Pic [24 Jun 2007|11:44pm]

Fast Glass - Bigger Pic
so here is a bigger pic, you all craving for *lol* so here it is ... and check out the source to see more ;)

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Nick Carter on the Set of Fast Glass [13 Jun 2007|05:08pm]

Nick Carter with a red baseballcap

+2Collapse )

source 1 || source 2

I dunno, if these have been posted before, but havent seen them on my fl so far
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More Informations about the FAST CLASS Movie [07 Jun 2007|06:26pm]

just click here: 


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2007-05-16 Nick Carter and his girlfriend Julie arriving at the Washingtons-Dulles Airport IAD, Virg [19 May 2007|09:10am]

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New Icons [31 Mar 2007|06:18pm]


I made some new icons this week ...

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Nick Carter Picspam [07 Mar 2007|08:22pm]


okay ... I make it short today ... NICK CARTER

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